Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Break Reading Challenge Activity #4 - Scavenger Hunt

One of the best and most important things about blogging is building community and learning from others. Today I'm going to ask you to explore the Internet and find some things on other blogs. So, Activity #4 is a ...
Find the following things and create a post on your blog with the results. Link back using Mr. Linky below.

1. A blog that is new to you that focuses on the same type of literature you do (ex: I read YA so the blog would need to focus on YA).
2. A book that is new to you that another blogger reviewed.
3. A book set in Africa (in your preferred age category, if possible).
4. A book about a human/animal bond (in your preferred age category, if possible).
5. A book trailer for a book you want to read.
6. A book with a color in the title (in your preferred age category, if possible).
7. A blog that is new to you that is dedicated to a certain genre (ex: only books about vampires, only historical fiction, only urban fantasy, etc.)
8. A book blog maintained by a librarian.
9. A book blog maintained by a teacher.
10. The title of an upcoming book by an author you like (provide details - title, release date, synopsis).

Get Ready...Get Set...Scavenge...


  1. If I had more time to complete this challenge I would be all for it. It seems like an awesome way to discover new and amazing blogs and books.
    Good luck to everyone who enters!

  2. This was a hard activity! But I actually enjoyed it cause I searched outside of the blog I normally follow and found some new ones :) :)

  3. Dunno about the africa one and human animal bond does that mean like werewolves or just like dog and person????

  4. If anyone needs a teacher blog, you're welcome to use mine!

    Can't wait to see what you all come up with!

  5. What's the dead line for this activity? Do we have just the one day or more than that? Thanks.

  6. Phew. That took me all day! Summer school kids are so demanding! Just kidding...

  7. That was sooooo long it took me twenty minutes to find the african one :P

  8. Some of those were REALLY hard to find!!!

  9. Sorry. I added my name by accident last night, but just posted my entry to my blog this AM.


  10. I was so glad to have the time to do this challenge. I really enjoyed looking around many blogs that were new to me. I have read everyone's challenge posts and though I didn't post comments at every blog, I learned a lot from every one of you! Thanks so much!